Looking for the therapists

We’re looking for the therapists having the experience publishing their own Audio Materials
on the topic of Therapies and Alternative Medicine.

Therapists with Professional Audio >>

RADIO THERAPIES encourages the specialists with professionally made records to send these records in the MP3 format by e-mail: radiotherapies.eng@gmail.com

Your articles, greetings, advices and everything dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people is welcome.

Therapists without Professional Audio >>

If you don’t have professionally made recordings, we can make one for you out of an audio from any recording device.

We recommend making a plan on paper before starting your recording. It will help with the contents and the further editing.

Best way of starting the recording would be the greeting and short bio of yourself, such as giving your name, country and the city you’re greeting us from.

We ask you to check the entire recording from the very beginning to the very end to make sure it has a good enough quality for the listeners to get it.

When making the recording, do not get your mouth too close to the microphone in order to avoid sound overload that, for example, often happens with the words that contain the sound ‘p’ (such as ‘preponderance’ at all).

You could also send your recording straight from your cell phone to our WhatsApp: +569 553 55 756.


We’re going to check your recording right away. If found compatible with our goals and values, we’ll do the editing and mastering, adding the background music and other things necessary for distribution.

We are NEITHER CHARGING you NOR PAYING you for the distribution of your recording. However, people will get to know you and get your contact data in the start of your recording.

We’re EXPLICITLY PROHIBITING the materials that are an outright advertisement of your goods and services. Allowed is only the information in the line of raising the awareness in the field of self-help as well as giving people new methods of self-improvement and alternative medicine and healing.

In case you want to advertise your goods and services, contact us through the e-mail to discuss the terms.

RADIO THERAPIES Online reserves the right to refuse publishing the recording deemed not fitting our intentions or having low quality of the audio.

Thanks for your attention and interest in our radio!

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